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Cebo Shoulder

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Buy your Spanish ham directly from the producer

We are at your service during working hours (spanish time)

+34 959 122 885

You can order by phone.
Call us with any questions.

Monday to Friday,
9 am - 2 pm
and from 4-6 pm

The most famous Spanish ham of certified origin

Andalucian gourmet product

Sliced Spanish ham, shoulders and cured meats.

Considering that you might want to have our Iberian products at the ready when you need them, we offer all our Spanish cured meats already sliced by hand.

Sliced Iberian ham.

100 grams of vacuum sealed ham, hand cut by a professional.

We prepare the sliced ham just before sending it. At the moment we can offer you Spanish "bellota" or "cebo" ham in sliced form.

sliced spanish ham

Scliced Iberian bellota shoulder.

100 grams of vacuum sealed shoulder, hand cut by a professional.

We can slice the Iberian shoulder for you or you buy 100 gram packages of sliced Iberian bellota shoulder. We prepare it just before sending it.

10.95 €/unidad
sliced spanish shoulder ham

Sliced Iberian cured meats.

You can buy our cured meat products already sliced.

In our online shop you can get the different Iberian cured sausages already sliced: "caña de lomo", "salchichón" and "chorizo".

At the moment we offer all our sliced Iberian meats in 100 gram packages.

You can order any product from our catalogue already sliced.

Iberian sliced cured meats

Iberian ham cubes.

For people who like cooking with ham we have included ham cubes in our range of products.

Many recipes can benefit from adding a good ham.

You can buy the ham cubes vacuum sealed in 100 gram packages.

2,50 €/pack
Spanish ham cubes

We can also serve your leg completely sliced.

Choose the piece and sent it home completely sliced in 100g vacuum envelope.
Hand cut for a good tasting.

Remember to open the envelopes and let the slices air a few minutes before serving.

We also offer to send you the entire Spanish ham or shoulder already sliced.

Hand sliced by professionals in very fine slices brings out the full flavor of your Spanish ham.
We vacuum seal the sliced cured meats in 100 gram packages directly after slicing, so you get to enjoy their full flavor.
Get the Iberian ham sliced for only € 45 more and the Iberian shoulder for an additional € 35.

Jabugo spanish bellota ham with guarantee If you find fault with the products you can exchange them.

Our aim is to keep our clients with "Sierra de Jabugo".

Buy gourmet Iberian ham straight from the curing house at best prices with guarantee.
Pata negra ham for Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK You will receive your Spanish
ham within 6 days.

We deliver our iberian ham to any
place in the E.U.
Buy pata negra from producer

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Iberian sliced gourmet meats directly from Jabugo. Enjoy wiht "Sierra de Jabugo" !
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