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The most famous Spanish ham of certified origin

Andalucian gourmet product

Iberian bellota ham.

Try our Spanish 'bellota' ham from Jabugo.

This ham comes from Iberian pigs reared on oak meadows, where they feed solely on acorns for 4 or 5 months of the year. During this time the animals gain around 60 kg of weight.

The ham is cured for a minimum of 3 years under natural conditions in our curing houses in El Repilado (Jabugo).

During the whole production process the traceability of our products is checked by external certifiers, who confirm that the pigs have been feeding on acorns.

jamón ibérico de bellota de Jabugo

Most famous spanish bellota ham from Jabugo

Compare our prices with other producers and you will find that we are most competitive ... we give you value for money.

Certified bellota iberian ham Certified Iberian "bellota" quality.

Certified Iberian "bellota" ham.

An external certifier confirms the race and alimentation of the pigs.

Jabugo spanish bellota ham with guarantee If you find fault with the products you can exchange them.

Our aim is to keep our clients with "Sierra de Jabugo".

Buy gourmet Iberian ham straight from the curing house at best prices with guarantee.
Pata negra ham for Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK You will receive your Spanish
ham within 6 days.

We deliver our iberian ham to any
place in the E.U.
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Ham from Jabugo "pata negra de bellota". The most famous Spanish ham, directly from our factory in Andalucia.
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